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Photo - Benjamin Lussier


Born in Montreal in an active family, Catherine began figure skating at the age of three. For more than 10 years on the ice, she has developed a great flexibility, balance and stage presence, which have greatly helped her to integrate the circus world. Catherine took her first steps in this art at the age of 9, at the École nationale de cirque of Montreal, in the recreational program.

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  • 28 may - 9 june / Annual show TOHU
       Où vont les fleurs? By Alain Francoeur

Following this, she went on to preparatory training, then to the secondary school program. After 11 years at school, she is finally at the last step of her education and will graduate in early June.  Over time, Catherine has perfected her specialties and acquired a multidisciplinary approach, without forgetting, a maturity to launch herself into this new world, the unknown.